Context-Aware Mobile Agents
CAMA is a mobile agents middleware supporting rapid development of agent systems for open and mobile environments. The middleware architecture is shaped by the formal design methodology that is still under development. Ultimately the CAMA middleware will support deployment of agent systems designed using an integrated set of RODIN project tools and the design methodology. The current middleware version supports Linda-style communication primitives along with the scoping mechanism and some other extensions. Agents can be written in C or Java and a number of platforms are supported, including PocketPC PDAs. The following features and concepts are central to the CAMA middleware:
  • Asymmetric architecture - lightweight clients communicating through a dedicated communication server
  • Formal approach to interpretability
  • Advanced fault-tolerance techniques
  • Linda extensions
CAMA is being developed at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. It is a part of the RODIN project