Package jcama

Interface Summary

Class Summary
CamaKey Creates 64 bit keys from strings and data arrays.
CamaPackager Implements CAMA-style serialization of various jCAMA classes
CamaTemplField Describes an individual field of a tuple matching template
CamaTypes Declares various CAMA constants
Field Describes an individual field of tuple
Location Implements communication with the CAMA location middleware
Pred Represent a tuple matching expression (bbCAMA extension).
PredOp Simple class for representing individual operations of compiled bbCAMA expressions
PredParser Parser for bbCAMA expressions
Scope Provides scoping and communication operations to agents.
ScopeDescr Describes properties of a class to create with CreateScope operation
ScopeName Represents the canonical name of a scope _or_ a list of short scope names
ScopeRoleRest Role resctrictions class
Templ Tuple matching template class
Tuple CAMA tuple class

Exception Summary
CamaException General exception class for exception generated by jCAMA
CamaExceptionBadDestination This exception can be thrown by pr, pw or pd operations if an invalid agent attempts to get a token ownership
CamaExceptionBadName Indicates an attemtp to use invalid scope name.
CamaExceptionClosed Thrown when an agent is trying to Join a scope in a closed state
CamaExceptionDisconnection Indicates failure of an operation due to disconnection
CamaExceptionInvalidReqs Thrown if invalid scope requirements were pass to CreateScope operations
CamaExceptionInvalidRole Thrown if an agent tried to connect with an invalid role id or key
CamaExceptionNoRights Thrown if an agent has no rights to execute the operation with the given arguments in a given state
CamaExceptionNoRoles Indicates that there are no vacant roles of the rqeuested type in a scope
CamaExceptionNoState This exception indicates might indicate incompatibility of jCAMA and CAMA versions.
CamaExceptionNotInScope Thrown when an agent attempts to use a Linda operation or the lambda scope or in a state where there is no active scope (i.e.